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The Joy of Purim is expressed in the many customs that are observed on the holiday of Purim. The following are a few of these beautiful customs:


I. MEGILLAH READING - "Everyone, man and woman, is obligated to hear the Megillah both in the evening and in the morning."


II. SHALACH MANOT - THE SENDING OF EDIBLE GIFTS - "On Purim it is the duty of everybody to send no less than two gifts to one of his friends, for it is written (Esther 9:22) "And of sending portions one to another," which means two gifts to one person. The more gifts one sends to his friends, the more praiseworthy."


III. MATANOT LA'EVYONIM - GIFTS TO THE NEEDY - Everyone, even the poorest in Israel - is to give at least one gift to two poor persons. "If there are no poor people at hand, the Synagogue has a fund for helping those in need. Jews always share their joy with those in need."


IV. SEUDAT PURIM - "Purim must be celebrated by eating, drinking and making merry." On the afternoon of Purim, each individual should partake of a festive dinner


I look forward to greeting you in person in shul on Purim. Have a happy and joyous Purim.


With Torah Greetings,

Rabbi Aron Mirocznik